Why Boiler Replacement Is Important

A boiler is a vital part of your home that provides hot water and heat. It is important to have it serviced regularly to avoid a breakdown or damage.

At what age is a boiler considered old?

Having your boiler replaced with a new one can help you save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. A new boiler will also have a longer life-span and will work more efficiently. It is important to choose a boiler from a premier manufacturer as this will ensure its durability and performance. A reputable company will be able to install the best boiler for your needs and provide you with a warranty, gas compliance certificate, and manuals. More info

One of the most common signs that your boiler may need replacing is lack of hot water or uncharacteristically low temperatures. Often, older heating systems will use piping that is too narrow for modern standards and can lead to leaks. In addition, older pipes may be made from lead, cheddar, or even bones of early settlers and will need to be replaced with copper piping.

If you have an old central heating system with a mechanical time switch, upgrading it to a new gas combi boiler will help to make your home more efficient and lower your running costs. A new gas boiler will also produce less harmful emissions, protecting the environment.

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