What is an Anonymous IP Database?

An prevent anonymous proxy s a set of data used to determine the geographical location of an internet connection. This data is collected from a variety of sources including regional internet registries, data mining, and information supplied by users and their Internet Service Providers. By cross-referencing this data, it’s possible to identify the country, state, city, and even street address of an internet-connected device. This information can be used by companies to optimize their advertising campaigns.

For example, a business can use an anonymous IP database to detect if a visitor is using a privacy network, such as a VPN, proxies or Tor. This can help businesses to ensure that their platforms and networks are secure and to prevent fraud. Alternatively, it can also be used by advertisers to identify users that are likely to be using a proxy or a VPN in order to deliver more effective ads.

Shielding Your Network: Strategies to Prevent the Use of Anonymous Proxies”

The first octet of an IP address identifies the network whereas the second octet identifies the host. There are many different technologies that can be used to anonymize an IP address, these include VPN, TOR, Proxy and Private Relay. The use of these technologies can have a negative impact on online business as they are associated with various kinds of fraud, including credit card fraud, spamming forums and blogs, as well as hacking.

MaxMind’s GeoIP2 anonymous IP database contains the latest information from regional Internet registries, and provides detailed geographic mapping of all IP addresses on the internet. In addition, the database is augmented with details of the user’s device type, operating system and screen resolution, the browser used to view the content, the language and time zone settings, the ISP, the user domain, mobile or WiFi connectivity, phone area code and zip/postcode.

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