What Are Close Protection Officers And Why Do You Need Them?

Close protection | UK Close Protection Services (CPO) are specialised individuals who provide security services to businesses and organisations. Their role is to watch out for dangers and prevent any incidents from escalating. They also advise their employers on various issues relating to employment legislation, safety in the workplace and ways to maintain business and commercial peace at all times.

How Close Protection Security Made Me A Better Salesperson

The majority of close protection officers are ex-military or police officers with many years of experience in guarding against security threats. Some are former consultants or security personnel with experience working in volatile and conflict environments. They can be deployed in just about anywhere within the UK as long as there is an ongoing threat or risk to property or staff. This makes close protection officers perfect for providing specialist cover for companies, public bodies, sporting organisations and the public at large.

There are various close protection officers whose job it is to offer security and protection to businesses, properties and organisations. Some work independently whilst others may have a role within an established team or alongside other close protection officers. Some will only work on a contract basis either working for themselves or for an employer, while others may work as a permanent part time employee within a larger team. The latter option is more popular amongst those looking for something a little more permanent and often preferable for those working in an unpredictable environment.

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