Towable Campers

Towable campers can be a lot more affordable than motorized RVs but they do still require an investment in both the trailer and the tow vehicle. That’s why it’s important to consider all of your options before making a decision about which type of towable camper to purchase.

How long do towable campers last?

From ultra-lightweight pop-ups and teardrop trailers to full-size travel trailers and fifth wheels there is a towable camper for every camping lifestyle. The smallest are often pulled by vehicles that can’t haul much more than the trailer itself while the larger ones have room for entire families and even complete kitchens and bathrooms. The use of slideouts, lighter materials and other innovations have made towable campers more spacious without increasing their length or weight.

If you are a weekend warrior and plan on traveling short distances then a pop-up or teardrop trailer may be a good choice for your needs. These trailers are the lightest in terms of both weight and size and feature canvas sides that need to be physically unfolded before they become usable. They are also the least expensive of towable campers.

Another towable option is a truck camper. These are installed in the bed of your pickup truck and offer a tradeoff between towing capacity and living space. They can be used for shorter trips and can sleep up to ten people. There are also toy hauler trailers that have a small garage in the back that allows owners to bring along their bikes, boats, ATVs or other ‘toys’ on camping adventures.

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