The Importance of Child Car Safety

child car safety

The siguranta auto copii Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that while parents are constantly working to safeguard their children from illnesses, bullies and sports injuries, it’s often overlooked how important child car safety is. While motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for kids, children are much safer than they used to be thanks to stringent car seat guidelines and the use of appropriate child restraints.

The NHTSA reports that 90 percent of children ages 4 and younger were properly restrained in 2021. That’s still not good enough. Too many kids are in forward-facing child seats when they should be rear-facing and too few are in the correct size vehicle seats. It’s also not good enough to just buckle your kid in and leave them there – kids who are unrestrained can become projectile objects that can injure or kill other passengers.

Child Car Safety in the Summer: Preventing Heat-Related Issues

Another problem is that some people don’t know how to correctly install a seat or don’t bother to do so. The NHTSA has a database of certified child passenger safety technicians (CPST) who can help you make sure your child’s seat is installed properly. You can find a CPSST at your local health department, police station, hospital, child care center, or fire department.

Finally, it’s not a good idea to let your kids play around parked cars, even if the vehicle is locked. It creates a false sense of security and could put them in danger if the vehicle’s parking brake fails or someone suddenly backs into it. And it’s always a good idea to roll your windows down, turn off the radio and go slowly when backing up so you can hear what is going on around you and react quickly should a small child run into your path or start shouting for help.

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