The Benefits of Using a URL Scanner

A Uniform Resource Locator, or URL, is a unique string of characters that leads a web browser to a specific website. A critical tool primarily used in the cyber security sphere, it plays an important role in protecting online safety, and handling ploys of malicious attackers such as phishing scams and fake websites.

With advanced cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, a URL SCANNER helps ensure that links in emails or texts are safe before clicking, providing an essential layer of defence in depth in your cybersecurity measures. These tools scan and analyze Internet addresses to determine whether they have hidden malware, phishing, or botnets lurking in them.

Scanning for Threats: URL Scanner

In addition to ensuring that the URL is free from any harmful content, these security solutions also detect and block zero-day malware that is not detected by antivirus software. Moreover, they work with expansive databases that contain information on websites known to spread malware and phishing.

The new feature in Security Center, which allows you to scan all your outgoing links from the Investigate Portal, is a perfect example of how these tools help keep users protected against the latest security risks. Its real-time malicious link scanning identifies suspicious or unsafe links, even through cloaking and redirection techniques.

Additionally, the solution enables you to add any safe URLs or paths from the scan results into a list of permitted addresses that can be accessed when exporting data in workflows on the Intelligence Server. This is a great way to protect your MicroStrategy environment against Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attacks.

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