Sparco Racing Seat – Offering Both Comfort and Great Mechanics

sparco racing seat

The Sparco Racing Seat is one of two official Formula D Racing Chairs used by the German DMP (DMS) in their popular Super GT Series. Both have proven themselves to be reliable and dependable competitors, thus ensuring the prestige of the name in Europe and Asia. The Sparco Racing Seat has been designed especially for the DMP GT Cup season, making it more ergonomically friendly and offering a better view than the previous model.

How to Choose Sparco Racing Seat

Unlike its predecessor the Sparco Racing Seat II, the newest model features a more powerful spring base, which is able to absorb the shock of aggressive moves from the driver and maintain the right level of support. Furthermore, the Sparco Racing Seat II offers superior suspension, which is both lighter and stronger than the original model. The Sparco Racing Seat II is also equipped with fully adjustable harnesses and seat pads. The seat shell has been improved in the light at the end of the tunnel by the use of high-tech materials such as carbon fiber, which is claimed to increase down force, handling and stability by 20 percent. Additionally, the seat is covered with fully customizable high-gloss black leather upholstery.

With so many different models of this type available, selecting the best one for you should not be too hard. If you are going for a more contemporary look, the Sparco Racing Seat II might be a good choice. If you are more conservative, the original Sparco Racing Seat may be your best option. On the other hand, if you are looking for a racing seat with good dynamics and durability, then the new Sparco Racing Seat could be perfect for you. Whichever one you decide on though, just make sure that you are getting the right padding, the best design and most efficient suspension.

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