Philips CPAP Machine Recall Lawsuit

Philips CPAP Machine Recall Lawsuit






















As a patient whose health was affected by a Philips CPAC Lawsuit, you may be wondering if you can file a lawsuit against Philips. Philips has recently recalled four million CPAP machines. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a serious illness or have developed lung cancer, contact a personal injury lawyer today for help filing your Philips CPAP machine recall lawsuit.

Failure To Warn About Potential Health Risk

Many of the victims of a CPAP machine recall have medical care covered by insurance, and the insurers will likely seek reimbursement from these victims in the Philips CPAP Machine Recall Law suit. However, Philips knew about the risks associated with CPAP machines when they voluntarily recalled them. According to complaints from patients, the breathing devices were producing black debris. Despite this knowledge, Philips did not take action until the problem became so severe that many people had to return their CPAP machines.

In addition to lung injuries, a Philips CPAP lawsuit can also claim additional damages related to physical and emotional distress. In some cases, additional damages, such as loss of consortium, companionship, or even wrongful death, can be awarded. The exact amount of damages will depend on the severity of your injuries and the skill of the attorney handling your case. If you’ve been harmed by a defective CPAP machine, a Philips CPAP lawsuit may be the right path to pursue.

As early as October 2015, some Philips CPAP machines were known to contain a high level of a carcinogenic compound. Philips waited until April 2021 to acknowledge the problem. However, it took another two months before the company decided to recall all CPAP machines in the US. During that time, American consumers continued to use defective devices. Failure to warn about potential health risks may be grounds for a Philips CPAP Machine Recall Lawsuit.

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