Los Angeles County Inmate Locator

los angeles county inmate locator

A los angeles county inmate locator is a website or tool that allows users to find information on prisoners who are housed in the county’s correctional facilities. The website has a form that allows people to search for inmates by name and DOC number. This information is public and can be accessed by anyone who wants it. The tool is constantly updated to reflect the latest changes to inmate records.

To use the search form, you’ll need to have some preliminary information in hand, such as the full name of the prisoner and his or her DOC number. You’ll also need a valid ID, such as your driver’s license or passport. You can also use a private search service to get more detailed information about prisoners across the country, but these services typically charge a fee.

County Custody: Los Angeles County Inmate Locator Insights

Jail rules require that inmates wear identification at all times and that visitors have government ID to be admitted to the visitation area. During lockdowns, phone and visitation privileges may be suspended. Inmates are also not allowed to receive food, beverages, scented soaps and detergents, personal hygiene items, stationery or envelopes larger than 6 inches in size, or any item that could be used to conceal weapons or contraband.

Though suicides are down slightly, natural deaths (those caused by disease and illness) still account for half of the yearly fatalities at LA County jails. Last winter, for instance, two inmates died of hypothermia, and research shows that chronic health problems often go untreated or undiagnosed behind bars.

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