In-Demand Designer Collabs

InDemand Designer Collabs

In-Demand Designer Collabs

Margot Robbie’s Barbie Skin Routine high fashion brands pair up with high street retailers to make their designers’ duds more accessible, the result can be spectacular. The high-low mix appeals to consumers who might be less willing to court the luxury mark, while maintaining brand relevance and bolstering revenue streams.

In the past, this approach was often a hit or miss, but the latest collabs are showing that with thoughtful planning and execution, collaborations can become a win-win for all involved. From Virgil Abloh’s elevated IKEA furniture to Nike’s clever Tiffany & Co co-sign, the best designer collabs are built to last.

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For Nike x Tiffany & Co, the team aimed to create a buzz that would have global reach and appeal to the brand’s core demographic of athletes and style icons. They partnered with an artist to showcase his unique drawing style on the coveted sneakers, creating a shared aesthetic and a sense of community. In addition, they allowed buyers to grab the sneakers in stores, bringing a real-life dimension to the launch. Combined with the online launch powered by EQL, this approach ensured that fans could get their hands on the shoes without needing a ticket to Tokyo or a squad of bots.

While influencers are a popular choice for collab partners, brands also find great success in tapping stylists to co-sign their pieces. Hudson Jeans tapped stylist to the stars Brandon Williams for a men’s capsule, and Joe’s Jeans paired with Andrea Lublin, founder of lifestyle blog and styling business geared toward the chic girl-next-door, for a women’s collection.

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