How to Make Custom Stickers Holographic

custom stickers holographic

Custom stickers holographic | Vinyl Status  give your brand a unique, eye-catching finish that commands attention. They are great for branding and promotions, and can help your products stand out from the competition.

How to order holographic stickers

When you want to get your holographic sticker printing done, choose the paper type and quantity you want, and then add a print turnaround time that works for you. You can also track the progress of your order, so you know when it’s ready to ship!

How to cut your holographic sticker design with Cricut

One of the best ways to cut a hologram-printed sticker is using a Cricut machine. This cutting system uses movable blades to accurately cut your designs from a variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, and card stock.

Make Your Brand Shine with Custom Holographic Stickers: Tips, Ideas, and Inspiration

If you’re designing a holographic sticker that features only white areas, you can use white ink to elevate your design even further. This ink color isn’t just for text — it can be used to make your artwork bolder and to add a bit of extra shimmer.

How to add holographic effects to your design with custom clear holographic vinyl (also known as rainbow or oil slick)

These eye-catching holographic stickers feature an eye-catching rainbow effect that changes with light and perspective. They’re made with a premium adhesive vinyl material that’s waterproof, and they’re easy to apply. They’re perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to notebooks, wall art, and other surfaces.

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