Honda Grom Accessories and Modifications

Honda grom accessories is a little bike that packs a huge punch. It’s not as big as the larger dirt and street bikes that Honda makes, but it still has plenty of power to rip up your local streets. The Grom is also a great choice for new riders to get used to riding and learning the basics. And if you’re looking for even more grom-related fun, there are plenty of accessories and modifications to choose from that can boost performance, improve handling and more.

What CC is a Honda Grom?

If you want to add a bit more zip to your grom, an aftermarket intake will do the trick. By directing more air to t engine, an intake will allow it to breathe better and produce more power. This is especially true if you go with a free-flow style air filter.

A new set of brake pads can also make a big difference in how your grom handles. Upgrade to a sintered variety, which have metal particles embedded within the pad material for a more aggressive bite when you pull the lever.

Another easy and cost-effective modification is to install a fender eliminator. Designed to tuck the license plate light and turn signals up closer, it gives your bike a more aggressive look that can make it seem faster even when it’s sitting still. There are several different types of fender eliminators available on the market, but we like the Vagabond Honda Grom fender eliminator the best because it’s clean, well-engineered and goes on easy.

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