EV Charger Installer Near Me

An EV charger installation can be an essential part of any home. These charging stations are available for purchase and professional installation, so that you can fully charge your car overnight, so that it’s ready to go on your morning commute or your errands. They also allow you to recharge your car without draining your electric bill.

Electric car charging at home: Find an EV charge point installer

Fortunately, there are plenty of companies that specialize in installing fast EV chargers. You can contact companies like Smart Charge America to get a fast EV charger installation done at your home. These companies specialize in installing wall connectors made by Tesla, and they have a level of expertise that your average electrician can’t.

An EV charger installer will also upgrade circuit breaker panels and electrical capacity to accommodate the ev charging station contractors. A dedicated 40-amp 240-volt circuit is necessary for a Level 2 charger, and the electrical panel should support 8-AWG wiring. An installer with years of experience and training will be able to make sure your electrical panel upgrades are installed safely and meet building codes.

The speed of charging an EV depends on its battery size and capacity. Most EVs charge at home at 120 volts, which is enough to charge an EV up to six miles per hour. But an EV charging station with 240-volts can charge your car up to six times faster.

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