Best Durable Chew Necklace For Adults

chew necklace for adults

Finding a durable chew necklace for adults can be a difficult challenge. One parent, Gabrielle Hogg, had this dilemma when her daughter needed to chew something in the car, but she was unable to find a durable one. Luckily, she was able to find one through her friends. This product is not only durable but it is also food-grade and medical grade silicone. It is completely safe for chewing, and most of the materials used are FDA approved.

Help A Child Focus On A Task

The Odin Books chew necklace is designed with a dinosaur imprint and a smooth back. It contains three chew points and measures about 1.75″ tall by 2″ wide at its thickest point. This chew necklace helps children focus and self-regulate as they can be placed on their wrists and discarded after use. This chew necklace is available in two different levels of softness, based on their chewing tendency. The softest option is the Dark Blue necklace, while the strongest one is the Orange version.

A spinning chew necklace from The Therapy Shoppe is a fashionable piece of chewelry for both children and adults. It provides on-the-spot fidgeting and oral sensory chewy input. Its 2-inch chunky chewy ring is connected to a solid two-inch glossy disc inside. It comes on a breakaway cord with a silky finish. It is a great chew necklace for mild to moderate chewers.

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