Axiom Induction Hardening Services


Axiom induction hardening services are a critical heat treatment method used in many industries to elevate the performance and longevity of crucial metal components. Axiom induction hardening services offer several benefits, including speed, precision and affordability.

Induction heating involves placing a copper coil that carries a significant level of alternating current near (but not touching) a workpiece. The alternating current generates eddy currents and raises the surface temperature rapidly due to hysteresis losses. The workpiece is then quenched, usually with water and often with an addition like a polymer. This transforms the structure to martensite, which is significantly harder than the softer original material.

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This process also allows for selective heating of a piece of metal, saving time and money versus traditional methods. Additionally, induction hardening services result in minimal distortion, making it ideal for sensitive applications such as aerospace components. The process also doesn’t produce smoke or fumes, which makes it more eco-friendly than other heat treatments.

Modern induction hardening in Gastonia, NC is most frequently performed using a scanner, where the part is held between centers and rotated as it is sent through a progressive coil that provides both heat and quench. Power levels, dwell time and scan (feed) rates are controlled by a computer to precisely control the process. This results in a high degree of repeatability, as well as precise control over the depth of hardening in the surface layer and the distribution of hardness throughout the workpiece.

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