Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre

auburn ruth everuss aquatic centre

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre was founded in 1998 as a swimming pool and spa centre in Leicestershire, England. The name of the centre is an amalgamation of the names of both the pool’s designer Mrs. S. Everuss, and her son, Lewis. Since its inception, many other pools and spas have been added to the ever growing list of centres situated in Leicestershire. This leaves the centre with a very large selection to cater to customers looking for the best in body shape and skin care treatments.

Boost Your Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre With These Tips

The centre also has two other locations, one in Loughborough and the second in Tatton, East Riding of Yorkshire. It is located in the centre of Leicestershire and offers visitors a wide range of services. For instance, there are a health club onsite that offer a full range of fitness classes for all ages, as well as a swimming pool, sauna, steam room and wet bar. The indoor gym offers a variety of equipment for weight loss, aerobic exercises and bodybuilding and there is a 25m outdoor Olympic pool featuring a climbing wall and water climbing tubes for those feeling adventurous.

The centre also offers a full range of personal and corporate swimming and spa treatments, as well as group fitness sessions. In addition to the indoor pool and spa areas, the centre has a fully equipped outdoor swimming pool and steam room. Both indoor and outdoor pools are heated and filtered ensuring a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience. There are also a variety of activities offered at the centre, including rock climbing, basketball courts, horse riding, wave pools and mini golf course. If you are looking for a place to relax or get away from the hassles of everyday life, check out the Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre in Loughborough and see what it has to offer.

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