Advantages of a Metal Garden Edging System

FormBoss is an Australian-owned company based in Croydon South, Melbourne. If you’re planning to install a metal garden edging system for your garden, you have a couple of options. First, you can choose between a 2m or 3m length, which will suit most edging jobs. Next, you can choose from a heavy duty option, which is ideal for areas that receive high traffic or heavy compaction. It features two series of holes that are spaced along the length.

Garden Edging is Functional!

Another advantage to metal garden edging is that it is lightweight and easy to install. It also retains its strength once installed. You can also choose a variety of heights for your metal edging system, allowing you to make different sections of your garden more distinct. You can install it flush with the lawn, or you can install it higher to create raised planting areas. It is available in galvanised steel or uncoated aluminium, both of which are corrosion-resistant.

For large outdoor areas, metal garden edging systems are a great option. They are highly durable, rust-resistant, and flexible. They are also easy to install and come with lifetime warranties. Best of all, these systems are made in Australia and are perfect for the Australian climate. The FormBoss system has excellent customer support, and is affordable.

Basic metal edging comes in 20-foot rolls that do not require stakes. However, you need to dig a trench deep enough to prevent grass roots from creeping in. Once you have the metal edging in place, you can plant your plants.

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