A Grip Edge – Part of Hand Strength

grip edge

A grip edge | GAIN THE EDGE is an accessory for decorative panels or signage that can be fastened to the wall without drilling holes in the face material. Designed to fit into CRL’s standoffs, these 1-1/4″ (32 mm) diameter units are available in brass, chrome, satin chrome, 316 brushed stainless and gun metal finishes.

A Grip – Part of Hand Strength

A strong grip is essential to lifting heavy weights, as well as for pulling movements such as deadlifts and rows. It also helps build grip endurance, which means you’ll be able to do more reps per set than someone with weak hands.

Grip techniques vary widely among people, depending on the specific needs of each individual. However, most rely on the following grip techniques:

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A closed crimp is where your thumb is tucked over your fingers and you have sharp angles in your knuckles. This is a powerful grip, but it places strain on your finger tendons.

Open Grip

An open grip is a simple, low-stress grip where your fingertips are on the edge and your fingers drape down over the hold. This is the preferred grip for most climbers because it places less stress on your tendons and allows you to hold tighter to the hold.

A talon point is often used as a defensive grip when a knife user is not guarding with the forearm and does not want to be injured by an enemy’s blow to the handle. This grip technique is favored by many of my military clients because it allows the blade and talon to be oriented toward the enemy while still keeping the blade away from the knife user’s body.

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